Choosing a reliable trim for your home’s exterior |

Choosing a reliable trim for your home’s exterior

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(ARA) – Whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing one, you want your house to look its best inside and out. More important, you want it to look great year after year with as little maintenance as possible, right?

One simple way to set your home apart from your neighbors is to install or replace the exterior wood trim that frames your windows and doors, caps roof lines and serves as column wraps, porch trim, corner arches and a variety of other decorative applications. It is an excellent finishing touch and a convenient and inexpensive way to accent the beauty of your home’s style.

When choosing an exterior trim, material selection is perhaps the most important factor. Available materials include wood, engineered wood composites, hardboard and PVC. Wood products such as redwood, cedar and primed spruce, can look great when first installed, but may split and swell over time. Many homeowners also complain about paint peeling, chipping and discoloration of wood trim, as well as warping and decay.

Hardboard trim products are made of two pieces of hardboard siding that are glued together. Over time and with extended outdoor exposure, these products may separate and lose their durability, requiring additional maintenance and repair. PVC products may expand or contract with temperature variations, are not environmentally friendly, and cost two to three times that of engineered wood composite trim boards.

Engineered wood composite trim is a functional, economical and easy-to-use option. Some composite trim is treated to withstand harsh weather conditions and to provide enhanced performance. For instance, MiraTEC Treated Exterior Composite Trim from CraftMaster Manufacturing, Inc. (CMI) is treated with zinc borate and made with phenolic resins to offer moisture, rot and termite resistance. Hardboard trim products do not offer such protection. Additionally, MiraTEC Trim is coated with a mildew-resistant primer on four sides, making it easy to paint, thus eliminating the need to repaint as often as standard wood trim products.

Available in 16-foot boards, as well as a variety of thicknesses and widths, CMI’s MiraTEC Trim delivers enhanced durability and performance in non-structural trim applications. It is reversible to meet any home’s style. The smooth side offers a contemporary look, while the side with a warm-cedar texture is perfect for traditional homes. Unlike other trim products, MiraTEC Trim is backed by a 25-year warranty that covers rot, hail damage, warp, delamination and splitting — it’s the most comprehensive warranty for any trim product on the market.

When building your next home or remodeling your current one, be sure to ask for MiraTEC Trim. It is available at most local building material suppliers. For more information or a free brochure call (800) 255-0785 or visit

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