Choosing a remodeling project |

Choosing a remodeling project

The Mole Man

OK, so now you have decided that you’ve lived in and experienced your Colorado Mountain home long enough as it is, and you are yearning for something just a little bit different. But how do you choose what needs to be changed?

Well, here are a few suggestions to consider when the remodeling bug nibbles. As with any remodeling project, time spent up front with your architect or contractor will more than pay for itself in the end. Be clear what it is that you want and what will fit into your budget. And most important, if it is a major project that will affect living quarters, think about vacating the premises to take that long awaited

around-the-world cruise you have always wanted. Just remember that living in remodeling dust can be very frustrating.

Now for some ideas to consider when you’ve decided your home needs a facelift. The least expensive and most dramatic changes can be made with new paint, wall coverings and flooring. The choices and colors are only limited by your imagination. Most of these projects can be completed in a few days.

If you have decided to dive into the deeper end of the remodel pool, then how about finishing off that basement that now acts as a large, unorganized storage area complete with 12 years of accumulated spider webs? The additional square footage derived from a finished basement can have a dramatic effect on your home’s value ” not to mention it’s a great place to send the kids when their choices of entertainment don’t quite fit into what you had in mind for the rest of the family.

If a complete re-do of your home is what you have in mind, then consulting with an architect and a contractor is a must. Any changes to your home that affect its structural integrity or its mechanical or electrical systems require a building permit from your local licensing authority. Depending on your location, this could be a state, county or town agency. Make sure your contractor has all the necessary licenses to complete the work. Take the time to check contractor references and quality of workmanship from previous projects. Be sure to have a clear understanding of the scope of work and the amount of time it will take to complete the project. Large remodeling projects are only limited by your budget and can run the gamut from adding on an additional room to removing the roof and adding a second story to your home.

Another project to revitalize your home might be to replace the siding, the roofing or both. There are innumerable products on the market when considering these options. Choose the products that match your ability and desire for maintenance and compare them to the aesthetic value you are searching for. If none of the aforementioned ideas fire your rockets, then how about adding a new deck or covered patio for some outside summer entertaining?

Whatever your choice in remodeling projects, spend some quality time with appropriate publications to stimulate ideas, and then talk about them with your friends over a nice glass of wine (my favorite is a full-bodied, robust red). Nothing can be more fun than talking about “what if” and dreaming of possibilities.

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