Christian rocker John David Webster’s new album, “This Fire,” is his story of life and love in Jesus |

Christian rocker John David Webster’s new album, “This Fire,” is his story of life and love in Jesus

John David Webster's new Christian album is his first personal release in several years.
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‘This Fire’

Christian rocker John David Webster’s new album “This Fire” is available on iTunes, on his website or at Calvary Chapel Vail Valley, 31621 U.S. Highway 6, Edwards.

Most people don’t realize that John David Webster is a big deal in Christian rock music. He would tell you, but he has all that humble God stuff going on.

So we’ll tell you.

It’s one thing to play guitar in church, which he does like he’s inspired by God — because he is. It’s quite another to convert a stadium into a rocking, raucous worship setting. He does that, too.

Webster toured with Christian rock superstar Jeremy Camp, playing huge venues around the country.

Webster’s second album, “Made to Shine,” had a couple of big hits that helped drive those stadium shows.

He recorded his first album, “Toward the Western Sky,” just after he moved to the Vail Valley to help lead worship with Calvary Chapel when Tommy Schneider and a cast of several launched the church (gasp) 20 years ago. He was ordained as a pastor two years ago.

“John David is one of the most genuine and talented artists there is. You see his heart and passion and love through his music,” said Tommy Schneider, Calvary Chapel pastor. “He was fashioned for this.”

Besides being a performer, he’s a producer whose fingerprints are all over lots of Christian rock hits.

So yeah, Webster’s a pretty big deal.

“That’s kind of relative,” Webster said, smiling sheepishly.

‘This Fire’

“This Fire” is his first personal album in several years and is probably his most vulnerable. The album debut party was Sunday night during Calvary Chapel’s evening service.

He pours out his heart in it from the first track, “Brought Me Out,” to the last, “Free To Fly.”

His mom died a couple of years ago, and the songs started pouring out of him.

“Once she went home to be with Jesus, the songs started flowing again. It happened pretty fast,” Webster said.

He said he prayed for God to give him a song for his mom, and “My Song” showed up.

Others took a more earthly route.

God talks, We listen

Among other things, he teaches music at The Vail Academy and Vail Christian High School, while his wife, Kirsten, works a regular job. When he wasn’t teaching, songs would show up. Webster gets excited about God and family and music and the stuff of life, and he’d be all worked up when she came home.

“I didn’t plan to do an album, but at the end of the season, I had all these songs,” Webster said.

People kept telling him he should do another album, and before long, God gave him a metaphorical tap on the shoulder with words from the book of Timothy, admonishing him to have “a spirit of courage.”

People of faith talk to God, and sometimes God talks back.

Webster told God the album didn’t have a title cut. No one living has ever seen the face of God, so it’s hard to know if God rolled his eyes as he pointed out that the song “This Fire” would make a dandy title cut. As with all things, God was correct.

“It’s good to have it out there,” Webster said. “I’m just along for the ride, and I’m excited to see what God will do with the album.”

It’s a God thing

Webster’s professional rocket was launched when he played a gig at Berry Creek Middle School. A kid whose dad knows Brad Quayle told Quayle about him, who gave Webster’s music to Mike Blanton, one of his buddies who’s also Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith’s manager.

They signed Webster to a recording contract, and he was on his way.

He’s still on his way, just to someplace a little more settled than the road and life of a touring musician.

“I enjoyed that time of life. Now as a dad and worship pastor, I feel like I’m right where I’m supposed to be,” Webster said. “I love this community. This is where God has called me to be.”

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