Christmas Scum Alert |

Christmas Scum Alert

Someone (or more than one) is stealing trees from people’s yards in East Vail. Katie and David Campbell had one of their 10-12 foot pines cut down from their yard yesterday. The landscaping stakes are still intact (it was planted just over a year ago), but there is nothing there but a low stump, footprints in the snow, and a trail of pine needles leading to where someone obviously put it in a truck and drove away.

The Campbell’s yard is definitely a YARD, not a field, not a park, not a forest – it’s a yard. With landscaped trees and a lawn, now covered in snow. Whoever is hunting for Christmas trees 1) is definitely NOT in the Christmas spirit, and 2) seems to have a learning disability because they somehow never quite got it that it is NOT OK to cut them down from people’s yards. If this person(s) had questions about the difference between right and wrong when they were young, they should have raised their hand and asked.

When the Forest Service hands you a permit to cut down a Christmas tree, it means you’re supposed to take it from the F-O-R-E-S-T, not a backyard.

They used a chainsaw to make the cut, and backed a vehicle into the yard. According to the cops, people do this sort of dirtbag deal when they either can’t afford a tree, or they’re drunk.

OK, so if you can afford a place that will accommodate a 10-foot pine tree, you can afford a couple bucks for a Forest Service permit to go cut one in the forest. Second, if you were drunk and were operating both a motor vehicle and a chainsaw, we’re bitterly disappointed that natural selection did not select your sorry butt right out the gene pool.

If you have any idea who did this, call the cops, or call Katie and David.

Birthday Brigade

Princess P is still on the job, and a triumverate of heroes are celebrating birthdays today.

n Patrick the Great Chef is 36 today. Go to the Eagle Diner and sample his brilliance.

n Baker Smith will be found celebrating at the Brush Creek Saloon in Eagle. See that Baker has some fun.

n You’ll probably find Elma Reed at the Main Street Grill in Edwards, where you’ll be seeing to it that her birthday is indeed happy.

Kudos CFC Construction

Mariella “The Italian Queen” doesn’t have a natural knack for the damsel in distress thing, but she did need a hand. Mariella was looking for a dog shelter when the great folks from CFC Construction called her. The superintendent Brad Perry hooked up Mariella and her dogs with a fido chateau that was built on their construction site – the affordable housing project in Avon. This doggie Taj Mahal is sided, insulated, shingled and wonderful. They not only built it and gave it to her, they also loaned her a trailer, and a hitch to haul it. Then they fired up the forklift to load it. They’re our heroes. Mariella (and her now way-styling dogs) say thank you.

Children’s Chorale sings Sunday

The Eagle Valley Children’s Chorale eighth annual winter concert, “Holiday Sing,” is set for 3 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 8, at the Beaver Creek Chapel. Children in first through seventh grades, representing 10 schools throughout the valley, will perform a variety of holiday selections. Everyone is welcome to attend. Contributions will be accepted at the door. For more information call 926-2228 or 476-5822.

Tax prep help program begins

Local organizations working with low-income, elderly, or non-English speaking populations or working with people with disabilities are invited to a meeting on the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, sponsored by the Department of the Treasury. VITA is combining resources with city and county governments, financial institutions, non-profit organizations, and other civic organizations throughout Colorado to promote this program, which provides free tax assistance to those who qualify. The meeting is 10 a.m. Friday, Dec. 6, 10 am, in the Eagle County Garden Level Classroom, 500 Broadway, Eagle. Call Jacki Allen-Benson at 328-8818.

Snowmen or Snow Persons?

Do you want to build a Snowman but don’t have a big enough yard? The Avon Recreation Center has a great big park and is looking for teams of 4 with at least one adult to compete in a Snowman building contest. You may bring any decorations you wish for your Snowman. Hurry and call 748-4032 the first 5 committed teams will get to have some fun on December 14th from 1-2:30 pm (weather permitting) right outside the Avon Recreation Center. The Snowmen will be on display for our Holiday in the Park event later that evening.

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