Christmas wishes |

Christmas wishes

Joe Rosica

You won’t often see my byline in this publication. However, a small organization often affords people the opportunity to wear multiple hats, so here I sit, wondering what to write.

Thoughts of the season easily come to mind, so with no more authority than being in the right place at the right time, I’d like to present my wishes for a memorable holiday.

In addition to the oft-requested health, wealth and long life, I wish:

– That I never lose my appreciation for living in Eagle County. I have lived in a number of areas, visited a few more, and now choose to reside here. Sure, there are times I tire of cleaning the snow off the car, off the driveway, off the deck, when I would love to have just one afternoon of short-sleeve golf weather and the chance to cruise with the sunroof open. But what does that amount to compared to some of the best skiing in the world, a virtually guaranteed white Christmas, (and January and February and … you get the idea) and being the envy of every winter sports enthusiast I know?

– That we regain the ability to disagree with one another without disliking one another. The founding fathers, in their wisdom, designed the government to not only permit, but to encourage, differing views. Political discourse is increasingly partisan and emotional, which only forces people to dig in their heels and close their minds. Next thing you know, progress grinds to a halt in gridlock. Haven’t we evolved beyond that?

– OK, seems almost everyone else is already on this bandwagon – that we drop the politically correct, sanitized “Holiday Greetings” and remember that this is the Christmas season. Sure, it’s also Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, winter solstice and I’m sure a number of other holidays, any of which I’m happy to support. But avoiding the issue with “Happy Holidays” drops it to a secular level, with no more history behind it than the next soft drink/Santa commercial.

– That The Daily Show (and the more recent Colbert Report) on Comedy Central, lose its status as a major source of news. Yes, Jon Stewart is very entertaining. He has learned much from his predecessors, from Jack Paar to Johnny Carson to Leno and Letterman and others. He often breaks new comedic ground. But to rely on Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to deliver the day’s events leaves you open to their interpretation of things. And their primary motivation is to entertain, not to enlighten.

– That the Broncos get themselves on track before they get into the playoffs because if they don’t, they’re going nowhere.

– That our political leaders remember our rights are fragile. When we start ignoring those rights in the name of victory, we’ve already lost a battle.

– That it had not been so long since someone flashed me a peace sign that it confused me.

– That it was easier to remember memorial services are a way to celebrate someone’s life, to enjoy all the wonderful things he or she did and thought and said and stood for.

– That we are doing the right things to be prepared for avian flu, the next terrorist attack, global warming, energy shortages, pine beetles and a hundred other things that we lose sleep over.

– That we get over our national obsession with reality shows. I get enough reality in my own life, I don’t need to be “entertained” by artificially arranged situations concerning people I would never otherwise hear of if they weren’t chosen by some anonymous TV executive.

– That the coming year is more peaceful than the last.

– That we all enjoy a great Christmas season, however you want to observe it.

Best wishes to all. And Merry Christmas. VT

Joe Rosica is an advertising consultant for The Vail Trail. He can be reached at

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