Chrysler showing its wares to bulk buyers |

Chrysler showing its wares to bulk buyers

Scott N. Miller
Vail CO, Colorado

BEAVER CREEK ” Even in a slow year for the car business, more than 14 million cars and trucks will be sold in the United States this year. A lot of those vehicles will go to companies and governments.

To attract some of those buyers ” called “fleet” buyers in the car biz ” Chrysler is holding an event for dealers and bulk buyers in Beaver Creek this week. The event, which ends Thursday, has brought about 450 people to the valley.

Most fleet sales go to rental car companies. But Stuart Schorr, senior manager of communications for Chrysler, said that even the rental-car business is slow this year. But corporations and governments need to replace the vehicles for their sales staffs, executives and other employees on a regular basis, so they shop around.

Schorr said the Beaver Creek event is a chance for Chrysler to show off new vehicles and new technology for those buyers. That includes bringing a lot of vehicles into town for potential buyers to drive around while they’re going on rafting and fishing trips. One of those “drive/ride” events was Tuesday at Camp Hale.

Schorr said Chrysler has hybrid SUVs coming to market soon, as well as a diesel engine option for its light trucks. Right now, diesel engines are available only in heavy-duty trucks.

Despite the current high cost of diesel, they will go farther on a gallon of fuel than a similar vehicle with a gas engine. Schorr said the Beaver Creek event is a chance for the automaker to show off its latest tricks for squeezing more miles from a gallon of gas in a truck.

He added that corporate buyers also have shown interest in mid-sized sedans with four-cylinder engines as well as compact cars.

And, while this is a down year for the car business, Schorr said the Beaver Creek event is becoming a regular stop for many buyers.

“You’ll definitely see a return engagement,” he said. “Talking to our buyers, they tell us they really enjoy coming here.”

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