CHSAA nixes fall football … again |

CHSAA nixes fall football … again

And we're back to the spring gridiron

The Colorado High School Activities Association ruled Wednesday that high school football will stay in the spring for the 2020-21 year.
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This is clearly not Eagle Valley athletic director Tom LaFramboise’s first rodeo.

While he was clearly a proponent of high school football’s possible return to the fall, there was a theme to his remarks on Tuesday.

“It goes back to my worries,” LaFramboise said. “These guys have already had the carpet pulled out from underneath them (by moving football to the spring). Maybe they play; maybe they don’t. I don’t like this playing with people’s emotions like that.”

And that’s just what happened on Wednesday. Consider the carpet pulled … again.

In a statement posted on its website on Wednesday morning, CHSAA declared, “In a resolution Tuesday, the Board of Directors unanimously voted to not reconsider any adjustment to the 2020-21 sports calendar, which was approved on Aug. 4.”

Translated: High school football will stay in Season C with the seven-game season starting March 4.

In a statement about the status of football season which did not mention the word, “football,” CHSAA cited four factors for standing pat:

• The physical and mental well-being of the student athletes, a clear reference to the coronavirus.

• The desire not to interrupt the various ways schools are returning, be it online, in-person or a hybrid of the two.

• The fact that some fall athletes have signed up for current Season A sports like cross-country, tennis, softball and golf, and that the return of football would disrupt those seasons.

• “Title IX and gender representation issues around any reconsideration of the approved calendar.”

This last point is somewhat unclear as moving football to the fall would not eliminate any other sports for girls. CHSAA volleyball is still scheduled for Season C, while girls’ wrestling was still scheduled to become a full varsity sport during Season B.

Not surprisingly, Wednesday’s decision is being met by stoicism by the local programs.

The board has voted and we will stay in Season C. This does not change any of our goals and championship aspirations! …

Posted by Eagle Valley Football on Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Eagle Valley football posted the following on Facebook, “This does not change any of our goals and championship aspirations! Stay the course and lean on your brothers on this team. We are ready to play anytime and anywhere against anyone!”

Predictably, CHSAA had a rough day on Twitter with parental disappointment, the traditional partisan bickering associated with social media, and some players speaking out.

And a lot of their remarks came back to LaFramboise’s original worry.


Max Morris, a senior at Heritage wrote, “What was the point of getting all our hopes up again, just to let us down again?”

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