Cimarron Mountain Club, a private ski area near Montrose, sells its seven final memberships |

Cimarron Mountain Club, a private ski area near Montrose, sells its seven final memberships

Jason Blevins, Colorado Sun
The private Cimarron Mountain Club offers only 13 members snowcat skiing on nearly 2,000 acres in southwestern Colorado's San Juan Range. (Handout)

Jim Aronstein’s business plan is moored in protecting powder. 

So he took a pass when the brokers suggested he increase the number of homesites he was selling at his private Cimarron Mountain Club ski area near Montrose from just 13. When advisors recommended adding a chairlift, instead of using a snowcat, to access 60-plus runs at his nearly 2,000-acre mountain, he said no. 

“When you put more skiers on the mountain, you are detracting from what you are trying to achieve,” Aronstein said. “Imagine your version of mountain heaven. That’s what we are trying to create.”

Aronstein, a retired land resources attorney and passionate skier, bought the mountainous spread above the Cimarron River from a logging company in 2004 and never wavered from his core principles as he created a ski-focused retreat where members and their families could ski powder all the time. It’s a private ski area model unlike any other in the country, and the appeal took time to reach the right buyers. In the first three years of sales, Aronstein sold six homesites. 

Then came COVID and a worldwide reassessment of priorities. As buyers from afar sought refuge in communities like Aspen, Telluride and Vail, the search for even more exclusivity led a select few to Aronstein’s door. 

He’s sold the final seven parcels in the last three weeks. 

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