Cinco de Mayo goes bad for alleged motorcycle thief |

Cinco de Mayo goes bad for alleged motorcycle thief

Man accused of shoplifting rode away on stolen Harley, according to report

Manuel Alonzo Perez spent both Cinco de Mayo and his birthday three days later in jail after stealing three pine-scented auto air fresheners and a pack of Kamel Red cigarettes, which is ironic because the custom-built Harley Davidson motorcycle he allegedly stole is also red.

Perez, 33, remains in the Eagle County jail on a $17,500 bond.

What police say happened

Perez’s Cinco de Mayo saga began in Vail during the early morning hours. Witnesses say he was wandering around Vail Village and made his way into the Solaris parking structure. There he allegedly stole a bright-red custom-built 2007 Harley Davidson Dyna, the property of a Solaris homeowner.

He rode the motorcycle west from Vail to Edwards, where he became the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office’s problem.

Perez stopped at an Edwards convenience store where he picked up three pine-tree shaped scented auto air fresheners, came to the counter and asked for a pack of Kamel Red cigarettes. When the clerk told him he could not leave without paying, Perez answered, “Call the cops. I don’t have any money,” the Sheriff’s Office report said. So she did.

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The three air fresheners cost $9.45. The cigarettes cost $11.41 for a total theft of $20.86, the Sheriff’s Office report said.

Perez rode west along Highway 6 to the park and ride stop in Wolcott where he was spotted by deputies. When Perez spotted the deputies he fired up the Harley and tried to run. However, as he tried to run he also tried to run over one of the deputies, the Sheriff’s Office report says. That’s when he crashed the allegedly stolen motorcycle.

Along with the Harley Davidson Dyna crashed and lying on its side, deputies found the cigarettes and air fresheners, which they later returned to the convenience store.

Perez was booked into the Eagle County jail by 9 a.m. He’s charged with shoplifting, vehicular eluding, assault II on a peace officer, criminal attempt to commit, reckless endangerment, obstructing a peace officer, driving under restraint, no insurance and an expired license plate on the allegedly stolen motorcycle, motor vehicle theft, and second-degree burglary of a residence/no force. He’s back in court later this month.

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