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Clans on council

Don Rogers

We agree with some of the tenets, if not the tenor, of his observations about Avon’s penchant for families serving on the council together.

However distinguished the caliber of the people and their service to the municipality as individuals, it’s just a bad idea for a father and son or husband and wife to serve on the council together, we think. This hearkens Appalachia, not the swelling New West town of Avon.

Still, the voters clearly do not agree with this assessment, and theirs is the important opinion here. They’ve been fine with Buz and Buz, the father and son team, serving at the same time. And they elected Peter Buckley to the council nearly two years ago, even with his wife already serving on the council.

It seems fairly safe to say that for some time now the Cuny and Buckley clans have not been on each others’ Christmas card lists.

Cuny couldn’t resist the temptation to take some shots at the Buckleys before moving on to Edwards, where he and his family now live. Of course, neither could Pete Buckley. All this makes for some theater for staff, journalists and the occasional member of the public who might show up from time to time.

Speaking for the journalists, sadly, we enjoy the all too rare bursts of personality at board meetings. Members of this public body or that are generally all too careful to keep things on a higher plane than Buckley and Cuny’s repartee about who should resign, or who is grandstanding more.

Sure, the head butting takes time from the important business of the town. On the other hand, you know people are at least awake. If you’ve ever attended government board meetings, sometimes you have to wonder.

Too much

Well, save the republic. First a Vail Town Council of yore felt compelled to pass its own ordinance against automatic assault weapons, as if state and federal law weren’t enough. Now the brainiacs on the Pitkin County Board of Commissioners are taking on the very serious, very serious indeed problem of transporting nuclear waste through the county, that major transportation hub.

In doing so, commissioners demonstrate their knowledge and politics about something that has nothing at all to do with their county, unless there’s some push on to truck glowing stuff over Independence Pass for some reason.

What gets into these folks’ heads anyway? Not enough problems with housing and living costs, traffic, open space, and so on? Good heavens what’s next, resolutions specifying how to conduct diplomatic relations with Taiwan?


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