Clarisonic leaves skin soft, smooth |

Clarisonic leaves skin soft, smooth

Caramie Schnellcschnell@vaildaily.comVAIL CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyThe Clarisonic Classic was developed by the lead inventor of the Sonicare toothbrush. The handheld device uses sonic technology to gently massage your skin and remove dead skin, dirt and oil from your face.

Forget a wash cloth and soap. Beauty supplies have gone high tech. Consider the Clarisonic, a handheld device that oscillates back and forth at a sonic frequency that, according to the company, produces more than 300 movements per second. When I first used it a few months ago, the vibrations reminded me a bit of my Sonicare toothbrush, so it didn’t surprise me when I found out it was developed by the lead inventor of said toothbrush. I decided I needed one after my my mom and my aunt, and finally my grandma – who I’d never seen use anything but a washcloth on her face – all told me how much they loved their own. “Clarisonic gently removes embedded dirt and oil, resulting in healthier, more beautiful skin,” the box it came in declared. “It cleanses so well that products absorb better, pores appear smaller, and your skin’s tone and texture improve.”We’ll see about that, I thought to myself. Well it’s been a few months since I began using the Clarisonic device to wash my face before bed each night and in all, I can definitely tell the difference. My skin looks less ashey, my complexion is clear and skin tone is brighter. The gentle sonic movements are also supposed to dimish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and stimulate collagen. I’m not sure about all that, but my skin does feel softer and smoother than it ever has and I haven’t had very many breakouts, either. I also like that it has a built-in (programmable) timer that beeps four times, after 15 seconds each time, to signal to move it to a different part of your face. An aesthetician at Aria Spa at the Vail Cascade Resort used it on me to remove my makeup before a treatment earlier this spring and she sang its praises, saying the Clarisonic deep cleans the pores, which allows the skin to more fully absorb other products, like serums, sunscreen and moisturizers. Along with her face, she said she used her Clarisonic on her hands and her chest. She recommended only using it at most once a day because of how dry it is here in the mountains. So what’s the downside? It certainly isn’t cheap. At $195, this is one pricey little beauty product. But so far it seems to be worth the money. And I did feel better about the high price tag when a friend of mine told me how she dropped hers in the shower (it’s waterproof, so it’s fine to use in the shower and bathtub) and it broke. She called the company and they shipped her another one, for free, no questions asked.Have some gear, a gadget or a gizmo you think we should review? E-mail High Life Editor Caramie Schnell at

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