Clark trial: Dismissed juror would have voted guilty |

Clark trial: Dismissed juror would have voted guilty

Felisa Cardona
The Denver Post

Dismissed juror Ray Barrientos was prepared to find Willie Clark guilty of murdering Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams and believes his former fellow jurors will do the same.

There is no specific piece of evidence that made Barrientos reach his decision, rather pieces of all the testimony he heard from all the witnesses that lead him to believe Clark was driving and shooting at the NFL player’s limousine.

“The evidence is there,” Barrientos said during an interview today. “So many things point to Willie as one of the shooters. There is no denying Clark was there.”

Barrientos, 42, was dismissed from the jury on Monday after his wife sent an e-mail to courtroom sketch artist Pat Lopez in hopes of obtaining a sketch of the proceedings. He offered his opinion before hearing how the judge will instruct the jurors.

He was forbidden to discuss the case with other jurors, but suspects they have had the same reactions to testimony and evidence he had. The case will go to the jury later today.

Barrientos said he was partly relieved to be dismissed because the trial is draining and the jurors will be responsible for making a life-changing decision.

He was surprised he was seated as a juror because he grew up around gangs in Denver and was a victim of a shooting when he was young.

While Barrientos said he didn’t believe all the testimony he heard from prosecution witnesses, he said Veronica Garcia seemed to be telling the truth because she had nothing to gain, despite her plea deal on her drug case.

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