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Classic scum alert

For the uninitiated, Dennis Mac got run off the air by some buttoned-down corporate climber for playing four Bee Gee songs in a row.

We thought at the time it was cheap publicity stunt, and as it turns out we were right – as usual.

The Iggle broadcast an announcement Friday that said, in effect, “Upon further review, we’ve decided to ignore our ever-sinking standards and cave in to the alleged pressure that we created, and bring back Dennis Mac. Further, we, the spineless corporoids who perpetrated this hoax upon an unsuspecting public, have decided that a new policy of creative freedom is in order.”

The KTUNers haven’t admitted it’s a hoax, sort of the same way Richard insisted, “I am not a crook” and Clinton waggled his finger at the television cameras and claimed to be pure as the driven snow in the Monica Lewinsky matter.

The messages we got went like this:

– It’s a cheap publicity stunt. I know this for four reasons:

1. The guy gets suspended on the air, which is stupid. No one in their right mind would do something this lame on the air.

2. All the DJs are talking about it, and if it were real they’d be ordered not to.

3. Channel 9 is doing a story on this thing.

4. They have a history of this sort of thing.

As it turns out, the caller is right.

“A few years ago,” our caller reminded us, “KTUN sent a good looking woman in a big car around town handing out money, $5 and $10, and buying lunches. She said she was doing it just to be a humanitarian. She was lying. If she was a humanitarian she’d be spending the money on meals for homeless people. It turned out that she was working on behalf of KTUN’s parent company, trying to drive listeners for their new format.”

I can imagine the meeting they had over there a couple weeks ago – “We’re getting our butts kicked by KZYR. What’re we gonna do about it?!?

– And there was this one:

“This is a scum alert. Someone did a major scam on your paper. The Day the Disco Died? Something’s rotten in Denmark. It looks too contrived, including the close of the article – a call to action to decide Dennis Mac’s fate. And if it’s not contrived, why did they have a tape of the phone conversation, and why did they give it to the newspaper?”

On the other hand, the on-air altercation you printed is funnier than anything Kerry Gray ever came up with.

– And finally this one

Someone from another station called to say, “I just terminated our morning DJ for passing gas in the studio, and I do have a tape recording of the wind breaking.”

Do you suppose now we could have a break from KTUN’s monotonous All-Doors-All-The-Time format?

Desperately seeking frog

Dirty Deeds done to Dazey of Stinky Green. They reported the heist of their mascot, The Sticky Green Official Frog. If any of your skanky friends are overheard talking about pawning or selling the frog, turn ’em in. There’s a large reward. Be it known, though, that huge karma follows the frog, and you’re going to be in debt forever. Call Dazey and leave a message at 926-3199. They’re located in Edwards. The frog’s name is Homey, and he wants to go home.

2003 Mogul Mania Kicks Off Saturday

Ready to live life in the fast line? Then head on up to Cookshack Saturday, Jan. 18, for the opening event in the 2003 Mogul Mania Series. The single-elimination dual bump competition gets underway at 10 a.m., with the high-flying Air Show competition on tap for 1 p.m. Then experience the most fun you can possibly have at apres ski with the post-event party at Powder Hounds in Lionshead at 5 p.m., complete with $4,000 in raffles, prize giveaways, contests, drink specials and Captain Morgan and the Morganettes, and the live sounds of “The Good Times Man,” Steve Meyer. Competitor registration is available online at, or in person at Ski Base in Lionshead.

Have a ball, ballroom dancing

Time is running out to join the most complete dance class in the area. Join Pat Riggins as she teaches the Fox Trot, Waltz, Swing, Cha Cha, and Salsa during this ten-week class. It starts on Sunday and runs through March 23. The beginner class will start at 6:30 p.m., and the advanced session will begin at 7:45 p.m. Both sessions are held in the Aerobics Studio on Sunday nights. Cost: $90/person or $165/couple.

For more information, contact the Avon Recreation Center at 748-4060, 748-8293 or

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