Clean up. Any questions? |

Clean up. Any questions?

So Frank’s next assignment was the 52nd Missile Command at Fort Carson, where he was promoted to major. He remained there for six months until the Missile Command was disassembled. From there, Frank took over marksmanship training for the newly activated 7th Division. They needed a field grade officer to be in charge of marksmanship. At that time 11,000 recruits were put through the program.

When Frank took charge, the commanding Colonel at Fort Carson asked him “What do you need?”

“Well, sir, right now I don’t know what I need. If you could just give me an hour or so for the officers assigned to me to figure it out, we can give you an answer, but right now we don’t even know how many firing ranges there are at Fort Carson or what their condition are.”

This was the army once again, where most things were a mess.

The colonel went over the recruits defunct Missile Command Company who did not have a job and gave those men to Frank. They were a sorry looking bunch at best.

The sergeant in charge assembled the men. Then he came and got Frank and said, “I have the men assembled, sir. But I don’t think you are going to like what you’re going to see, sir.”

Frank took one look at the men and just about fainted. These men had obviously been invisible, hiding out in their last detail, hiding in the mess hall or behind a truck or shed. There was 40 of them and Frank looked at 40 different uniforms. Frank just shook his head, thinking it was amazing what took place when no one paid a lick of attention.

Frank stared at his group and said, “You are the sorriest looking group of men I have seen. Tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. we will have revelry and you will appear on time and in proper uniform with your shoes shined and if you have any brass that will be shined, and you had better be thinking about what you are supposed to be doing.” He turned to the first sergeant. “You can take it from here.”

The first sergeant said, “Yes, sir.” Then he added, “Sir, I think some of the men have a question.”

Frank nodded. “OK, what do you want to know?”

“Where do we buy a uniform?”

Frank said, “You go down to clothing sales and get yourself a new uniform. You have had a clothing allowance in your pay every month and you probably have several thousand dollars saved from that because most of you obviously have never spent a nickle of it since you were eighteen years old.”

There were no more questions.

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