Clean water topic for Waterwise Wednesday |

Clean water topic for Waterwise Wednesday

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AVON -Clean, pure drinking water doesn’t just flow out of your tap automatically.It takes a concerted effort by local, state and federal government agencies to make it happen.Water quality will be the topic of the next meeeting of the Waterwise Wednesday series at 5 p.m., today at the Avon Library. It will feature Paul Frohardt of the Colorado Water Quality Control Division, which sets clean water standards.”Most people assume that in the headwaters of the Rocky Mountains that water is safe,” said Caroline Bradford of the Eagle River Watershed Coalition, which produces the water series. “He will show how the Clean Water Act, and the Colorado Health Department and local water providers work, and he’s going to help us understand how water quality standards are actually set,” Bradford said.The timing of the topic is good. Next month, the Water Quality Control Commission will be deciding on what water quality standards to set on the revitalized stretch of the Eagle River below the Gilman mine. In the mid-1980s that mine released metals and acidic pollution that killed a 7-mile stretch of the river from Gilman to Dowd Junction. Life has returned, but there is a debate about how clean is clean enough for the river.Vail Colorado

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