Clearing snow doesn’t have to be a chore |

Clearing snow doesn’t have to be a chore

(ARA) – If you’re looking out the window and dreading the thought of shoveling all that snow off your driveway just so you can get out of your garage, you’re probably thinking to yourself, there has to be a better way. No one looks forward to hours of back breaking shoveling or snow blower pushing.

They shouldn’t have to. These days, more and more people are getting the job done quicker and easier by investing in a snowplow. “Most people think adding a snowplow to their vehicle is a complex task with lots of wiring and set up. When I tell them there’s an easier and less expensive way to do it, they’re eager to hear about it,” says Jon Wyly, vice president of Arrow Speed Warehouse, a Kansas City, Mo., wholesale distributor of car and truck specialty parts. Wyly was so impressed by the SnowSport Personal Utility Plow when they came into inventory, he bought one for his personal truck, a Jeep Wrangler.

The snowplow was invented by the owner of Agri-Cover Incorporated, a North Dakota truck accessories manufacturer, out of necessity. “We have supplies and employees coming in and out of our parking lot all day long. Conventional plows were hard on the pavement and costly to maintain. The owner wanted a different style of plow but couldn’t find one on the market, so he decided to develop one himself,” says Marc Svartoien of Agri-Cover Incorporated, SnowSport’s parent company. “His invention is one of the easiest and most affordable snowplows you’ll ever use.”

All you have to do is attach the enclosed mount to the front of a full or mid-size truck or SUV, assemble the push frame, insert it into the receiver, and hang the plow blade. When you’re ready to go to work, simply lift one end of the blade at a time and lower over the push frame guide, then hop in your vehicle, drive towards the snow you want to move, and let the blade do the work.

When pushing snow, the blade is guided by a push frame that allows it to slide up and down with the grade of the terrain. When you back up, the blade lays back and it automatically re-engages when you shift into forward gear to tackle the next snow pile. There are no electrical or hydraulic components to freeze, malfunction or wear out, and the rubber cutting edge on the bottom of the blade prevents it from tearing up the pavement or grass. “The plow doesn’t disturb the gravel on my driveway at all,” says Wyly.

Not only can you use the plow to clear driveways, but as a tool to get out of your garage on a snowy day. “Simply buy another hitch and move the plow to the back of your truck or SUV,” says Svartoien. “The blade weighs about 110 pounds and is easily removable from the push frame.”

When you’re done, lift the blade off the frame and store it in the garage; or if you know you’ll need it again where you’re going, you can lift one end of the blade at a time into hanger brackets and secure with snap pins then drive away. The blade rests just below the vehicle’s headlights so it won’t obscure the driver’s view of the road at night. “A lot of people like that feature,” says Svartoien.

“My favorite feature is being able to easily plow snow from the comfort of my heated truck,” says Deb Carlson of Buchanan, North Dakota. She bought a SnowSport Personal Utility Plow last year at the urging of a friend. She lives in a rural area that is hard to get in and out of after a heavy snowfall.

“Even if I had the time, moving all that snow myself out in the cold would be too much for me. I never thought I could own and operate a snowplow, but I’m amazed at how easy this one is to use. The vehicle does the work for you,” says Carlson.

“There’s no substitute for a plow that works great and lets you move snow from the comfort of a heated vehicle instead of out in the cold,” adds Wyly. “It’s so efficient I can plow my entire 1200 foot driveway in about a half hour, a task that used to take all day with the shovel.”

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