Clerk & Recorder: Skip the DMV trip with online motor vehicle services (column) |

Clerk & Recorder: Skip the DMV trip with online motor vehicle services (column)

Regina O'Brien
Eagle County Clerk & Recorder
Regina O'Brien
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Like many, I’m a working parent whose life is made easier through the use of online services. From banking to shopping, I take advantage of the 10 minutes here and there between work hours, after-school activities and homework time to complete important personal transactions from my phone or laptop. Efficient and secure online portals are game changers when it comes to my personal time management.

Eagle County’s motor vehicle customers have always enjoyed the convenience of renewing license plates online, but the recent rollout out of the new state motor vehicle system, DRIVES, has ushered in over 30 additional online services.

Some of the services that are currently available include registration renewal, first-time registration, duplicate title request, registration fee estimator, duplicate registration request, personalized plate request, and driver license or ID card renewal.

Taking advantage of these online services is quick and easy. Visit from your smartphone or computer and click on “Vehicle Services.” You don’t have to create an account to use the website. Simply chose the service you need, enter information that you already have, and work through the guided step-by-step process. For example, to renew your license plates online, all you need is your plate number and the last eight digits of your VIN.

I recently used to renew my Colorado driver license. From start to finish, my renewal took less than 10 minutes. Using the information on my current license to get started, I was able to update my address, update my voter registration, and renew. Payment was handled via e-check for a $1 fee, or via credit card with small processing fee that varies based on the transaction total. An email confirmation came immediately to my personal account. One week later my new license arrived in the mail. This convenient and secure process saved me a trip to the state DMV offices in Glenwood Springs or Frisco., or as we call it “Skip the Trip,” allows you to complete simple and straightforward motor vehicle transactions online. On the other hand, if you have a more complicated transaction, have questions or prefer to be served in-person, the teams in Avon, Eagle and El Jebel are always available to help. Our goal is to provide the services you need in the way you need them.

Next time you have a motor vehicle transaction, try visiting to see if you can “Skip the Trip” and receive service where and when it works best for you. Reach out to our motor vehicle team if you have any questions or any feedback after using one of the online services, at or at 970-328-8729.

Regina O’Brien is the Eagle County Clerk & Recorder. 

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