Club Chelsea moves into the VVI |

Club Chelsea moves into the VVI

Geraldine Haldner

Endless plumbing problems at the Bridge street location forced owner Judy Alexander to close the club early this spring.

The move away from Vail’s main pedestrian pathway was tough, but the possibilities at the vacant hotel, just west of the Vail Main Roundabout, are encouraging, says Alexander, who started the club in 1996 with friend and former- partner Betsy Bradley, “because we were trying to find a place to have some fun – and it didn’t seem to exist in Vail.”

Alexander says she was trying to decide what to do when Waldir Prado, owner of the defunct hotel approached her with an offer that made her pause.

“Waldir Prado and I had talked about me moving into the new hotel when it gets built,” she says. “After I had closed Chelsea, he called and offered the restaurant and bar space in the “villager.'”

Prado says he wanted to preserve the nightclub’s existence in Vail, was well as put the vacant hotel’s lobby level to good use while he awaits a higher court ruling to pave the way for redevelopment of the 30-year-old hotel.

“We offered it at a very low rent, so we continue to have a nightclub in town,” Prado says. “It is really beautiful in the bar and restaurant space.”

Moving off Bridge Street was tough, Alexander says, but she is hopeful former patrons over time will find their way back to Chelsea. And when the hotel comes down – next spring at the earliest – she will make up her mind of where the club goes next.

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