CMC’s a ‘learning’ college now |

CMC’s a ‘learning’ college now

Don Rogers

This week Colorado Mountain College informs us that it has become a “learning” college.Isn’t that nice? Makes you wonder what they thought they were before.A learning college. How far they have come over the years. Amazing what happens when you build a new campus. First that, then you decide it really is a place of learning. Brilliant!Hmm, wonder if CU has thought of that.But seriously, this “learning” college thing is interesting. And serious, too. CMC even hired two new administrators to make sure it happens. The idea is that teaching is one thing and learning another. So the administration will collect data and use “systematic assessment” to track student progress. This would be an improvement over “relying on anecdotal or intuitive information,” according to a brief in the paper this week. What, they haven’t yet learned to keep track of test scores and grades? Looking afieldAvon has decided its talent pool is too shallow to fill the town Planning and Zoning Commission only with town residents.Well, looking at the town, some wags would remark they couldn’t have done much worse up to now with the standard locals-only policy.The Town Council also decided that two to three members of the planning panel must be building industry professionals. You know, architects, contractors and such. The commission weighs in with advice to the council on everything from new development projects to sign codes.Seems a little funny having someone from Gypsum on Avon’s panel. But what the heck? Maybe a deeper pool will help. Vail, Colorado

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