Cold gas station snack leaves customer hot |

Cold gas station snack leaves customer hot

Tamara Miller

Taquitos are a crispy, salty, Mexican delicacy and it would be a shame to serve them cold.

Apparently that’s what a few Vail gas station customers thought. After buying one too many cold taquitos from the service station, someone decided to call the station’s clerk Sunday and threaten to have him fired for “serving cold taquitos”. The clerk, in turn, called Vail Police and reported the harassment.

Officers attempted to trace back the phone call by dialing *69, but it didn’t work. Lacking any suspects, the case is closed.

When they say escort service …

A 21-year-old woman from a Denver escort agency apparently got more than she signed up for recently while making a house call to an Eagle-Vail home.

The woman was dispatched to the home April 14 and met with the client, a 46-year-old man. Upon her arrival, they agreed the price for her services would be $650. They couldn’t agree on what her services would be.

According Eagle County sheriff’s deputies, the woman told the man she would perform an exotic dance followed by a full body massage with oil. Instead, he allegedly told the woman he wanted “full service” – slang for sexual intercourse.

The two allegedly got into an argument when she told him she would not have sex with him. A call with the escort agency dispatcher to clear up the issue didn’t help, either. The woman told deputies he continued to get angry so she attempted to leave. However, he stepped in her way and demanded she give back the $320 cash deposit he had already given her. The woman called 911 and left.

After interviewing both people, deputies arrested the man on suspicion of false imprisonment and soliciting prostitution.

Avon altercation leads to arrest

An altercation in front of an Avon restaurant left one man injured and another arrested on suspicion of multiple crimes, including unlawful sexual contact and assault.

A couple were outside of the restaurant when a group of men allegedly pushed the woman and grabbed her breasts. Then the group attacked the boyfriend while he was attempting to protect the woman. The man was treated for cuts and bruises.

By the time Avon Police had arrived, most of the group had left. While investigating the incident, police contacted a man who allegedly was involved in the incident. They also discovered there were two arrest warrants issued for him.

He was arrested on suspicion of unlawful sexual contact, third-degree assault, for the two arrest warrants and another warrant issued for failing to appear in court.

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