College football is back and so is the usual question |

College football is back and so is the usual question

Please pay the players

Hail State. K.J. Costello and Mississippi State stun LSU, 44-34, on Saturday afternoon.
Gerald Herbert | AP photo

I spent most of Saturday watching college football.

As with all jobs, some days are better than others, and, heck yeah, I “had” to watch college football, while waiting for Battle Mountain cross-country results. (Suck it up, Freud.)

First off, is the Big 12 disqualified from the playoff after Kansas State lost to Arkansas State and then beat Oklahoma? Do we really have to watch OU get smoked on New Year’s Day in the semifinals again?

The Southeastern Conference dominated my viewing because it returned to action — and down went LSU. The Big Ten is coming back on Oct. 24 and the Pac-12 and Mountain West announced their returns this week.

While this will increase my enjoyment of slower-news Saturdays to come — I really hope the publisher doesn’t read the paper on weekends — it does beg a few questions.

Is it safe?

Here we’re talking about Colorado and Colorado State.

In Boulder, the Buffs are on a two-week hold, which started Thursday, from practicing by their county. This comes on the heels of a team hike consisting of 100-plus players, who according to the Boulder Daily-Camera, were mostly not masked and not practicing social distancing.

Boulder officials cited the school’s director of football operations for a violation of COVID-19 rules by Boulder health officials.

Meanwhile at Colorado State, coaches told players not to report cases of COVID-19, according to the Coloradoan.

CU needs to be able to practice to play safely. Did you see how many players in the NFL got hurt without a normal training camp? CSU needs to explain itself and make the proper course corrections with regard to COVID.

Follow the $$$

The simple reason the Big 10, Pac-12 and Mountain West and others are returning to football is that they see the Big 12, ACC and SEC playing relatively safely.

A deeper explanation is money. If you can play football, you might as well get the television revenue, your share of the College Football Playoff pie — the Big 10, Pac-12 and Mountain West all have their championship games scheduled before the CFP committee makes its selections. That’s surely a coincidence — and bowl game, including the lucrative New Year’s Six, dollars.

Yep, all these conferences coming back to play is a blatant money grab, and we’re not lionizing the SEC, ACC and Big 12; they were just more consistently in it for the benjamins.

So if these institutions of higher learning are in it for the green, why can’t we just come out and pay the players? If the schools are asking players to risk their health through poor-conditioning circumstances (CU) and/or COVID-19 (CSU), it’s the least they can do.

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