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College for carpenters in Eagle?

EAGLE, Colorado – Carpenters wishing to hone their skills may soon be traveling to a training facility in Eagle operated by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America – South West Council.

Tuesday night, the Eagle Planning and Zoning Commission recommended approval of a special use permit for the proposal from the carpenters union for a training facility. The carpenter school would be housed in the former Kemp Building located in the Eagle Commercial Park. Construction of the building began in 2008, but was halted midway through. The interior of the building is completely unfinished but the structure has been closed-in and weatherized. Landscaping requirements and outdoor storage conditions have not been addressed at the site as required by the town.

“A majority of the site is used for outside storage of pipe and related equipment,” said Eagle Town Planner Tom Boni. “The operation also included the sale of propane.”

“The existing use of the property as a pipe supply company has been problematic,” Boni said.

But those specific problems would go away if the town approves the training facility.

“We are excited to have a regional organization such as the carpenters union interested in the property for a training facility. This new use eliminates the outside storage of materials that has been problematic and will add diversity to the town’s economic base,” said Boni.

According to the union’s special use permit request, the building would be used to provide training for classes of 12 to 18 people and occasional union meetings. The classes would include basic skills to apprentices as well as ongoing training for journeymen and skilled carpenters. Boni said the union is interested in the building because of its location along Interstate 70 in this rapidly growing area of Western Colorado.

Tuesday night the planning commission recommended approval of the special use permit and approved a minor development review, sign variance and lot line adjustment required for the training facility. The Eagle Town Board will consider the special use permit at its Jan. 25 meeting.

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