Colo. candidate’s son apologizes for references to Obama |

Colo. candidate’s son apologizes for references to Obama

DENVER, Colorado ” The 19-year-old son of Republican Senate candidate Bob Schaffer of Colorado has apologized for an entry on his Facebook page that had the words “High Five … Who’s Gay” over a photo of a waving Barack Obama.

It also had a picture of the Pyramids with the words “Slavery Gets (expletive) Done.”

Justin Schaffer, a student at the University of Dayton, issued an apology Monday, calling the entries “offensive” and saying he alone was responsible. The statement said the materials “directly contradict the values that my parents taught me and are forbidden in my parents’ home.”

Bob Schaffer said he and his wife decided on “firm punishment” for their son but declined further comment.

Schaffer’s campaign opponent, Democrat Mark Udall, had no comment

Meanwhile, Democratic groups are criticizing Schaffer campaign manager Dick Wadhams for language he used to describe plans to make an issue out of the fact that Udall missed the initial vote in Congress on whether to adjourn for the summer.

“We’re going to shove a bunch of 30-second ads up his (expletive) on this issue over the course of the campaign,” Wadhams told the Rocky Mountain News last week.

The state Democratic Party called on Schaffer to “clean up the sleaze in his campaign.” The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee called the comment a “bizarre, vulgar outburst.”

Wadhams laughed off the criticism Monday and refused to apologize.

“I embrace what I said Friday,” he said. “I won’t back down at all.”

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