Colo. governor vetoes sex offender bill |

Colo. governor vetoes sex offender bill

DENVER – Gov. Bill Ritter vetoed a bill regulating the sex offender management board on Friday, saying the legislation went too far in allowing convicts to choose their own treatment programs.

Ritter said the bill did not have an adequate hearing before it was adopted and would weaken the program.

The governor says lawmakers will have plenty of time next year to fix the problem before the program is automatically shut down by law.

In his veto message, Ritter sided with opponents who argued that an amendment tacked on by Sen. Joyce Foster, D-Denver, “does not provide adequate safeguards to ensure that an offender knows which treatment provider would be most effective” and could allow the offender to evade treatment.

The governor did not refer to controversy surrounding Foster’s introduction of the amendment. Foster denied basing it on complaints from a family member who was registered as a sex offender.

Foster later admitted she lied, but she rejected suggestions she had a conflict of interest, noting her brother-in-law finished treatment and was no longer affected by the legislation.

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