Colo. Senate committee backs I-70 "zipper" lane |

Colo. Senate committee backs I-70 "zipper" lane

DENVER – Two temporary solutions to ease traffic on Interstate 70 are picking up support at the state Capitol.

On Thursday the Senate Transporation Committee backed using moveable barriers to temporarily add an extra eastbound lane on weekends.

The panel also voted to support barring slow moving vehicles from the left lane of I-70 on steep uphill stretches. Vehicles that can’t travel at least 10 mph below the posted speed limit on 6 percent grades would have to move over or risk a $19 ticket.

The state transportation department is already studying whether it’s feasible to use a moveable “zipper lane” on I-70. Sen. Chris Romer says passing a bill could help the state win federal permission for the plan. He’d like to see it in place by next ski season.

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