Color Coffee Roasters in Eagle elevates your morning cup of joe |

Color Coffee Roasters in Eagle elevates your morning cup of joe

A package of Color Coffee Roasters beans features information about the farm where the product was grown in addition to information about the day it was roasted.
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EAGLE — While waiting for a break in the action so the folks behind Eagle’s new Color Coffee Roasters could sit down for an interview, a patron at the coffee bar turned to me an urged me not to do a story.

“Let this stay a little valley secret for a while,” he pleaded.

Judging by the line of people stretching out the door that morning, all I could tell the man was it seemed that ship had sailed.

Color Coffee has been open a week and already it’s become the go-to spot at Eagle Ranch Village. “Color Coffee Roaster stands for the best in craft coffee producing and retailing,” says the business literature. According to its operators, Color Coffee is poised to bring craft coffee to the next level valleywide.

The team behind Color Coffee includes Charlie Gundlach and his dad, Clark. The Gundlachs have brought in Scott Rao — an acclaimed industry expert and the author of “The Professional Barista’s Handbook” — as managing consultant.

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Following his graduation from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Charlie Gundlach followed his passion for craft coffee to the Los Angeles area where he trained with some top West Coast roasters.

“I was passionate about learning what makes great coffee great,” said Charlie. “The answer to that was to dive down a rabbit hole. There are so many facets and there is so much to know and I like complex things.”

At Color Coffee, craft coffee roasting is one part of the business while operation of a coffeehouse is the other.

“We focus on both hospitality and the product,” said Charlie.


A cup of Color Coffee is something special.

”We direct source our green coffee beans from farms in South America and Africa,” said Clark Gundlach.

After the green beans arrive in Eagle, Charlie sets to work roasting them in a top-of-the line roaster — sometimes as a specific farm batch and sometimes as a blend from various locations.

“We are working with a machine that produces amazing coffees,” said Clark.

Color Coffee Roasters will sell its product to other cafes and restaurants as well as to customers who want to brew at home. Additionally, as previously mentioned, one week into service there’s already a community buzz about the Eagle Ranch coffee shop. Considering the quality of the coffee, patrons are often surprised at the price, and it’s a surprise of the pleasant variety. Prices at Color Coffee are comparable to chain coffee shop options.

“We wanted our coffee to be approachable,” said Charlie.

He noted the coffee shop operations plays a vital role in the overall Color Coffee model. It’s where he gets feedback about various varieties and roasts so he can hone his flavors.

He’s already received some rave reviews. Clark told the story about how a gentleman from Burns showed up on opening day and ordered an Americano. The man reported it was the best cup of coffee he had ever had and then he made the trip to Eagle Ranch again a couple of days later and stood patiently in line to get another Color Coffee Roasters Americano fix.

“Every morning we have had a line out the door. The reception from the community has been awesome,” said Charlie.

West Coast Flair

The food menu at Color Coffee reflects a change from what’s available at other coffeehouses in the area. The offerings include waffles and toast, with fresh, organic and local produce toppings. The operation also serves wine and craft beer as morning gives way to afternoon.

Charlie said Color Coffee has taken pains to provide an atmosphere that give space to social gatherings and work meetings. Patrons can sip coffee at small tables inside and outside, belly up to a bar area or spread out at conference tables tucked into quieter corners of the coffeehouse.

The focus on a relaxes inviting atmosphere combined with great service and a superior product are what Charlie sees as the hallmarks of Color Coffee Roasters.

“We are dedicated to our craft,” he said.

Color Coffee is currently open from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. The business will celebrate its grand opening Labor Day weekend.

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