Coloradans in Congress vote on sending $2,000 stimulus checks |

Coloradans in Congress vote on sending $2,000 stimulus checks

“This relief is definitely needed,” Democratic Rep. Joe Neguse says

The majority of Coloradans in the U.S. House voted Monday to send $2,000 checks to every American adult, rather than the $600 checks Congress approved last week.

The U.S. House approved the increase by a vote of 275-134 after President Donald Trump insisted on larger checks over the weekend. Democratic leaders in Congress also supported the change, forming an unusual political coalition.

Among Colorado’s seven House members — four Democrats and three Republicans — the votes followed party lines, with all Democrats in favor and all Republicans opposed.

“In Colorado and throughout the country, families are struggling under tremendous economic pressure,” said Rep. Joe Neguse, D-Lafayette. “This relief is desperately needed for so many to get by, pay rent, and put food on the table.”

Rep. Ken Buck, a Windsor Republican who has opposed every relief bill passed by Congress this year, voted nay Monday. The fiscal conservative said he would have supported a bill sending $2,000 checks in place of a larger relief bill passed by Congress last week, but not in addition to last week’s massive stimulus package.

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