Coloradans plucked off street for jury duty |

Coloradans plucked off street for jury duty

GREELEY, Colorado – With only 39 out of 200 people summonsed for jury duty showing up Wednesday, court officials with emergency jury duty subpoenas headed to the street to randomly pick 50 people to serve on juries.

Witnesses told television stations that administrators approached people walking on the sidewalk, at a grocery store and even a nearby gym, where people in their workout clothes headed to court under a threat of a contempt of court citation.

“This is not right,” Karen McMillan told administrators. She was approached while in a grocery story and ordered to serve.

“We need a little warning,” McMillan said. “I have like 5 tons of stuff to do at work.”

Karen Salaz, state court administrator, said she believes the district has had to resort to such measures only three times.

Failing to show up for jury duty after getting a summons in the mail could result in a contempt of court citation.

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