Colorado at center of credit card’s 21st-century evolution |

Colorado at center of credit card’s 21st-century evolution

Andy Vuong
The Denver Post

Imagine a replacement debit card arriving just minutes after having reported it stolen.

Imagine a single card serving as both your office-access badge and a credit card.

Imagine, too, a credit card in the form of a small sticker that can be affixed to a cellphone.

This is the new age of credit cards, and some of the technologies are being developed and tested in metro Denver.

Englewood-based Dynamic Card Solutions makes hardware and software that allow financial institutions to issue credit and debit cards instantly. They are provided at a nearby branch rather than via the mail seven to 10 days after a customer either opens an account or reports a stolen card.

One of Dynamic’s largest customers, TD Bank, already offers the service.

US Bank, with more than 140 branches in Colorado, is piloting the same technology – known as instant issuance – at five branches in the state.

“We’re starting to see much more rapid adoption of this technology,” said Ron Zanotti, Dynamic’s senior vice president.

Credit-card behemoths Visa and MasterCard have thrown their weight behind unembossed, or flat, credit cards, a technology that makes it more cost-effective for banks to issue cards on the spot.

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