Colorado auto owners get late-fee message |

Colorado auto owners get late-fee message

Lynn Bartels
The Denver Post

Coloradans appear to be getting the message that it will cost them if they don’t register their vehicles on time.

Owners paid less in late fees in August than in the previous two months, according to the state Department of Revenue.

Tardy Coloradans shelled out $2.5 million in late fees in August, compared with $2.8 million in July and $3.6 million in June.

“Anytime there is a penalty for violating the law, you’ll see an increase in compliance,” said Mark Couch, revenue spokesman.

“When there is no penalty, there is no incentive for some people to pay on time.

“That said, most of us do pay on time.”

September figures are not available.

The mandatory late fines are part of a law – dubbed FASTER – that increases vehicle registration fees for three straight years, beginning this year, to help raise money for roads and bridges. The average increase this year is $32; it’s $41 in the third and final year.

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