Colorado candidates try to decipher Massachusetts voters’ message |

Colorado candidates try to decipher Massachusetts voters’ message

Tom McGhee
The Denver Post

A Republican victory in Massachusetts may signal tough going for Democrats nationally, but Colorado’s gubernatorial and congressional candidates say it only reinforces what they already knew.

Voters who elected Republican Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate seat held by Democrat Edward Kennedy for 47 years sent a clear message that they expect Washington to listen to their concerns, Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet said.

“Last night, the voters of Massachusetts didn’t just elect a senator; they sent a message to Washington that I have heard all across Colorado – they want their leaders to listen to them and not the special interests,” Bennet said. “They want us to focus on jobs, on lowering the cost of health care, and holding Wall Street accountable. They expect results, and it’s up to me and the rest of Washington to deliver.”

Brown capitalized on unease among independent voters to win a decisive victory over Democrat Martha Coakley.

“Generally, it is a positive outcome for Republican candidates all over the country,” said Norm Cummings, campaign manager for GOP Senate candidate Jane Norton. Various polls show Norton leading or, at worst, running even with Democratic opponents.

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Brown’s victory follows wins for Republicans in governor’s races in New Jersey and Virginia, both states that Democrats had counted in their corner.

Voters are disillusioned with the Obama administration’s health care plans and other priorities and don’t trust Democrats to listen to their concerns, Cummings said.

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