Colorado Children’s Chorale teaches summer workshop |

Colorado Children’s Chorale teaches summer workshop

Wren Wertin
Special to the DailyThe Colorado Children's Chorale is "not just cute kids standing there singing." They actively perform when onstage.

They were allowed in only because they’d been booked for the holiday open house for all White house staff, senators and representatives.

“They did background checks on all of the kids,” said Beth Christopher of CCC. “It was a big deal even walking through the doors. But the kids are so engaging – they just marched in and did their performance, completely un-fazed.”

The kids in the CCC are good at focusing at the task at hand. This summer, one of those tasks will be teaching the kids of Vail to do the same. They will be in town June 11 through June 15 for their Workshop in Performance. The first 80 high-energy, highly motivated boys or girls, ages 8 to 11, who love to sing and perform will be allowed to participate in the free workshop.

The only obligation participating children incur is to host two CCC members for the nights of June 12 through 14. Host families will receive VIP seating for the CCC grand finale concert at Ford Amphitheater the night of June 15, which will also showcase local participants.

“It’s not just cute kids standing there singing,” said Christopher. “This is a professional troupe.”

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This summer marks the 14th such workshop, which will focus on vocals, dancing, stage presence, listening skills, teamwork and self confidence. There will be CCC leaders on hand, but for the most part it will be kids teaching kids.

“You see the kids on stage, having fun,” said Christopher. “They’re treated like professionals. It’s fantastic what they learn. And this is a very unique, special opportunity. The kids genuinely enjoy performing and singing.”

The CCC has been in existence for 28 years. Kids start at age 7 and work up through the different levels, from novice to veteran. Their repertoire ranges from fully staged opera and musical theater to standard choral compositions in the classical, folk and popular traditions.

Since their inception, the CCC has performed for the likes of the Dalai Lama, Pope John Paul II, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the Emperor and Empress of Japan and President Bill Clinton. They tour internationally every other year in addition to their extensive national tours.

In addition performance, they have an extensive outreach program for children who might not otherwise have exposure to the arts. These fall under the auspices of the Colorado Children’s Chorale Conservatory, made up of CCC members and professional staff. The Vail workshop is one such program, as are workshops that augment music programs in inner-city schools and community after-school programs.

“The Conservatory seeks to build the confidence of each child by teaching the life skills of listening, focusing and working together that comprise successful musical performances.”

For information on enrolling a child in the Vail Workshop in Performance, contact Beth Christopher at (303) 892-5600. Enrollment is granted on a first-come-first-served basis, and limited to the first 80 children.

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