Colorado DMV overcharges 100,000 drivers on vehicle renewal registrations due to glitch | |

Colorado DMV overcharges nearly 100,000 drivers on vehicle renewal registrations due to glitch

SAM TABACHNIK | The Denver Post
Vehicles use Interstate 70 in Frisco Wednesday, June 6.
Hugh Carey /

The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles overcharged approximately 100,000 drivers last month for vehicle registration renewals because of a computer glitch.

In a statement provided to The Denver Post, Sarah Werner, a spokeswoman for the DMV, said the programming error affected some residents with vehicle model years 2010 and 2014 to 2018.

Most drivers were overcharged $50 to $120, although Werner said it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact dollar amount for each person. The extra charge came on the specific ownership tax.

“Programming has been developed and is currently being tested to correct this issue for individuals who have not yet renewed their December-expired registration and to make sure this error does not occur in the future,” Werner said in an emailed statement.

The DMV will reach out by mail to those affected once they figure out the error, the statement said.

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