Colorado family sues after dog attacked at groomer |

Colorado family sues after dog attacked at groomer

CASTLE ROCK, Colorado ” A family whose dog was killed during a grooming visit to a Castle Rock PetSmart has filed a lawsuit against the company.

The Marczuk family say their 2-year-old Yorkshire terrier, Buddy, was attacked by a store employee’s dog April 12, about a half-hour after they dropped Buddy off at the store.

The employee was cited for having a dangerous animal, described in the police report as a bulldog mastiff.

Castle Rock police say 36-year-old Crystal Marie Cruz is due in court Wednesday on the misdemeanor charge.

PetSmart spokeswoman Jessica White says Cruz had brought her dog in to be groomed that day, but White says she can’t discuss the case any further because of the lawsuit.

The family hopes to force PetSmart to change its policies.


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