Colorado Gives Day spotlight: Eagle River Youth Coalition |

Colorado Gives Day spotlight: Eagle River Youth Coalition

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Editor’s note: The Vail Daily is running a series of articles on nonprofits that are participating in Colorado Gives Day, Dec. 4.

The Eagle River Youth Coalition was founded in 2001 through a collaborative vision of Leadership Vail Valley, the Eagle CARES Survey team, and Eagle County government to provide cohesion among youth service providers. The Youth Coalition was charged with overseeing data assessment initiatives to ensure the community had an honest and current measure of youth behaviors and perceptions, and a way to analyze effectiveness and gaps in youth services. These outcomes would drive the Eagle River Youth Coalition’s leadership in collaborative planning of youth services. By working together with a diverse variety of service providers, the community could more effectively assess and meet the changing needs of youth and mobilize the community for positive change.

Since their inception, the Youth Coalition has expanded beyond the sole focus on collaborative support to address critical needs and gaps, refocus current programming to shift with the changing needs, and offer a variety of prevention programming for local youth and families. Through strong partnerships with local, state and federal governments as well as local youth service and program providers, the Youth Coalition supplies various educational opportunities for community members to learn about the true needs of local families and youth.

Current Youth Coalition priority areas include substance abuse prevention, youth leadership and advocacy, and parent outreach and education efforts throughout the Eagle River Valley. The Youth Coalition currently is partnering with and educating community members on various opportunities to get involved with addressing these critical and fundamental needs while alleviating cost, language, and other barriers. The coalition continues to promote collaboration among youth and family serving organizations in the community to ensure effective services are being offered to the community.

Learn more today by calling 970-949-9250 or by visiting the Eagle River Youth Coalition’s website at

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