Colorado governor signs bill creating transit division |

Colorado governor signs bill creating transit division

DENVER, Colorado ” Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter has signed a bill creating a new state agency coordinating transit and rail opportunities across the state.

The measure signed Wednesday will create the Transit and Rail Division in the Colorado Department of Transportation to plan, promote and implement transit service.

Ritter says moving people by transit and rail are part of the state’s past and will be a major part of the state’s future.

“It is critical that our 21st century transportation system be diverse and sustainable. Our economy depends on it, our energy future depends on it, and our aging population depends on it,” Ritter said.

Rep. Claire Levy, D-Boulder, said many veterans and elderly patients depend on public transportation to get to hospitals and their doctors.

CDOT officials said the new law will allow the department to coordinate transit plans between rural and urban centers and to apply for federal grants.


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