Colorado hail, wind damage put at $350 million |

Colorado hail, wind damage put at $350 million

DENVER, Colorado – A hail and wind storm that brought two weak tornadoes to the Denver area last week caused an estimated $350 million in insured damage, the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association said Monday.

About 52,400 claims were filed after golf ball-sized hail and strong winds broke windows, battered roofs and vehicles, and uprooted trees on July 20, the association said. About 19,500 claims were for vehicle damage and about 32,900 were homeowner claims.

Weak tornadoes hit Englewood and Castle Rock.

Xcel Energy sent about 200 people into the field to restore electricity to about 90,000 customers who lost power during the storm. Power was fully restored within three days, spokesman Joe Fuentes said.

The costliest storm in Colorado history was on July 11, 1990, with $625 million in insured hail damage, or about $1 billion in today’s dollars, association Executive Director Carole Walker said.

It’s not clear where last week’s storm would rank.

Previously, the second-costliest storm was June 13-14, 1984, with $276.7 million in hail damage, but the association hasn’t adjusted that figure for inflation.

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