Colorado is having the worst season for West Nile virus in the country

Colorado’s West Nile case total is so far more than double that of any other state

There are 45 species of mosquito in Colorado and they are out in abundance this year due to the high level of water in the western part of the state. Know how to protect yourself from the pests, which are known to carry West Nile and other viruses.
Centers for Disease Control/Courtesy photo

Colorado is in the midst of the worst season for West Nile virus in the country.

As of Wednesday, when the state posted its most recent data, 435 people had been diagnosed with a West Nile infection, including 262 who had been hospitalized. That is more than double the number of infections reported from all of last year’s season — which itself was the worst per capita in the country.

Colorado’s case total so far is more than double that of any other state. In older data published by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only one other state — California — had seen more than 100 cases this year.

There have been 21 reported deaths in Colorado, one more than last year. But the true number might be higher because mortality data typically takes a while to filter in.

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