Colorado lawmakers return $1.5M to state |

Colorado lawmakers return $1.5M to state

DENVER, Colorado – Legislative leaders are giving an estimated $1.5 million back to the state.

The House, which has 65 members, will return about $900,000. The Senate, which has 35, will give back about $627,000.

The money wasn’t spent during the fiscal year that ended June 30. It’s a drop in the bucket toward the $384 million that needs to be cut from the budget for the new fiscal year.

Leaders said they saved the money by freezing spending on out-of-state travel and conferences. They also didn’t call a special session.

House Speaker Terrance Carroll says not all lawmakers took per diem to cover each of the 120 days of the regular session. Senate president Brandon Shaffer says he has reduced average staff salaries by 17 percent in his office.

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