Colorado liquor store bans purses to combat shoplifting |

Colorado liquor store bans purses to combat shoplifting

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – Leave your purse in the car, or you won’t get service at one Colorado Springs liquor store.

Colorado’s Liquor Outlet has imposed a no-purse policy to combat skyrocketing losses from shoplifting. Owner Wayne Harris also outlaws backpacks and bags men carry.

He says he imposed the ban because shoplifters use them to stash their favorite beverages. The problem has escalated this year, resulting in losses as high as $2,000 per week.

Harris says his typical weekly loss to shoplifting used to be about $300. He has seen a drop in thefts since adopting the new policy.

The purse prohibition has angered some people, with some vowing to boycott the store. But the store’s latest report shows about the same number of customers this August as last August.


Information from: The Gazette,

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