Colorado Mountain College District 2 candidate: Kathy Goudy |

Colorado Mountain College District 2 candidate: Kathy Goudy

Name: Kathy Goudy.

Residence: Carbondale.

Occupation: Lawyer for 28 years.

What prompted you to run for a seat on the CMC board of trustees?

I believe that education is the great equalizer. And as one of the many who have reaped the rewards of higher education, I regard it as my responsibility and privilege to help repay that debt of opportunity. My hope is to commit my skills of organization and advocacy to Colorado Mountain College, our own Rocky Mountain wellspring of educational opportunity – and the college that our son, Zach, will earn an associate degree from in the near future.

What’s your opinion about the college’s recent move toward four-year degrees?

The four-year degree is an incredible asset and should be supported for specific programs. CMC should not focus on competing with the state-funded four-year universities. The taxpayers expect to also benefit from classes in things they need in their everyday lives, be it accounting, languages, dance, physics or bridge.

What does CMC need to do to keep college education affordable and attainable for district residents?

It’s important that CMC and its curriculum serves the constantly evolving civic, social, religious and vocational needs of our mountain region and its daughters and sons. By its actions, the board must emphasize a commitment to the faculty, staff and students, and to the academic opportunities they deserve and desire. The overall budget must aim to support the classroom, and rigorous financial oversight is crucial as CMC faces the challenges of expansion.

This is a particularly crucial moment for committed local citizens to help guide and support Colorado Mountain College. Even as the institution enters a new era of expansion into a four-year institution of higher learning, it must, like all of us, deal with uncertain economic times. It faces those challenges even as for budget-stressed families with children about to graduate from high school, CMC becomes all the more crucial as an academically rigorous yet financially achievable option to many universities and their soaring tuitions.

I promise to always keep in mind that CMC’s statutory mandate, for which it receives taxpayer subsidies, is to provide all citizens access to a varied range of academic opportunities and educational disciplines:

• Lifelong learning: Community members continue to utilize the campus in their town for job skills, technology, and the arts.

• Academics: The classroom must continue to be rigorous, challenging and instill a joy of learning, as well as an associates degree and transfer to a four-year college. Reasonable accommodation for all students to benefit from the junior college disciplines must be the rule.

• Bachelors of arts: Four-year degrees that permit residents to better themselves by attaining professional degrees without the economic turmoil of leaving their homes, or long commutes.

• Vocational and job training: The law enforcement academy, chef certificates, oil field technical training, and hospitality classes exemplify the integration of general education with technical training to succeed in specific jobs.

• Life skills: CMC receives tax subsidies to ensure that all residents are able to succeed in life, be it, for example, obtaining literacy or their G.E.D.

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