Colorado Mountain College’s Women in Philanthropy helping all students |

Colorado Mountain College’s Women in Philanthropy helping all students

Carrie Morgridge signs copies of her book, "Every Gift Matters: How Your Passion Can Change the World," at the annual Women in Philanthropy luncheon on Monday, June 27, at Colorado Mountain College in Edwards. Morgridge is the president of the Morgridge Family Foundation and was the guest speaker.
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For more information, visit Since its inception in 2012, Colorado Mountain College’s Women in Philanthropy has collectively donated over $75,000 to the Edwards campus, creating opportunities for students and faculty.

EDWARDS — More than 700 Eagle County high school students earned college credits this academic year at Colorado Mountain College, thanks to organizations such as the college’s Women in Philanthropy.

And in May, 13 students graduated two weeks before their high school graduation with associates degrees, accumulating 60 college credit hours.

“The innovation that’s going on here, it’s powerful,” said Carrie Morgridge, vice president of the Morgridge Family Foundation and guest speaker at Monday’s Women in Philanthropy luncheon at the campus in Edwards.

Women in Philanthropy members pay an annual fee and vote on how the pooled funds are spent at CMC in Edwards. Money has gone toward projects including funding the library, tutoring lab resources, EMT and EMS wings and sustainability programs as well as scholarships.

“We do this every year so they can see how their funds are used and the difference it makes,” said Kathryn Regjo, president of the CMC Edwards campus, “and also see where future needs arise.”


The college is focusing on secondary education programs, with an understanding that the traditional four years of college isn’t for everyone.

“Students can achieve a certificate or degree that will provide a meaningful career and a wage that is, for starters, livable and then can cascade into a bigger career,” Regjo said, adding that the hope is students will continue with their education.

The luncheon made the women CMC students for a day, seeing first-hand what it’s like to be in the classroom. Morgridge and Carrie Hauser, president and CEO of Colorado Mountain College’s 12 campuses across the state, spoke to the women about the importance of effective philanthropy.

“I think what we learned today from Carrie Morgridge, and from Carrie Hauser, is that women are generally the philanthropists in the family,” said Doris Dewton, of Women in Philanthropy. “I know it’s true in my house, and there’s great opportunities to make a difference.”

Currently, CMC’s Edwards campus is the only one with a Women in Philanthropy group. However, some Aspen ladies were in attendance, and Summit County is considering a chapter as well.

“CMC and the women’s mission is to provide access for everyone,” Regjo said. “If you ever thought that college wasn’t for you, it can be.”

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