Colorado Open shutters |

Colorado Open shutters

Don Rogers

The Vail Valley has a couple of new four-letter words: “Jack” and “Doak.” This fellow ought to be uninvited from these parts for a long time to come for his stunt the other day.

On the very eve of the Colorado Open, the owner and director of the event called it off. Unbelievable. What a black eye for the 39-year-old event and the host community.

Last Doak was seen, it was scooting away in a pickup Wednesday morning after stunning the participants, sponsors and Sonnenalp golf course, where the event was supposed to be taking place now.

It’s nice to know that golfers such as Kevin Stadler, who stalked off the 15th fairway Tuesday evening when he heard the news, don’t blame the Sonnenalp.

Pro-am golfers from across Colorado and the country made the effort to come compete. The golf course was spiffed up nicely. The organizers worked hard.

If you are going to call something of this magnitude off, the least you can do is explain yourself and bow out some time before everything is all set and all the players have arrived.

Shutting the whole thing down the night before the tournament begins is just horrible form. Instead of explaining himself, Doak ducked out – we hope for good.

Give BID a shot

There must be a way to set up a workable business improvement district in Vail. After all, didn’t Aurora find a way to give the business community the autonomy it needs and fit within the law that the Vail Town Council members insist is immutable?

What Councilman Greg Moffet calls the annual “beauty pageant” as business groups vie for funding has run its course. Why wouldn’t the council want to form a business improvement district with its own funding and elected body? The idea, anyway, seems perfectly reasonable. Almost anything is better than the “system” in place now.

Such a district has the benefit of allowing out-of-town business owners to vote and govern affairs in which they have the most expertise and must live under.

It’s worth finding a way to try out, rather than coming up with excuses to avoid. Put a sunset clause for such a district and give it a shot. Truly, there’s only one way find out if it can work.

Not to panic

West Nile virus has found a human victim in Eagle County. Break out the DEET. But bear in mind the common flu is a more dangerous, and deadly, disease than this one.

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