Colorado panel considers 30 budget-boosting bills |

Colorado panel considers 30 budget-boosting bills

John Ingold
The Denver Post

A bipartisan state legislative committee tasked with finding ways to recharge Colorado’s droopy economy has about 30 budget- boosting bills it is considering, the committee’s chairwoman said Monday.

State Sen. Gail Schwartz said the committee will begin deciding this week which proposals to formally offer and said she hopes the bills get fast-tracked.

“Our goal is to really have jobs by June,” said Schwartz, D-Snowmass Village.

Schwartz said the proposals on the table target a number of areas, including expanding broadband access in rural parts of the state, promoting job-training programs and giving tax incentives to help spur business growth. Schwartz said one bill would look at speeding up school construction proj ects approved last year in order to put money into the economy sooner.

Schwartz said the committee ” officially called the legislature’s Select Committee on Job Creation and Economic Growth ” is also looking to make sure the bills put Colorado in a good position to receive federal stimulus money. Such stimulus checks come for a number of areas, including road improvements, education help and clean-energy development, and also would likely come with tight timelines for spending the dollars, said Senate President Peter Groff, D-Denver.

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