Colorado parental leave bill wins committee approval |

Colorado parental leave bill wins committee approval

DENVER, Colorado ” The House Education Committee has backed a bill that would allow employees in Colorado to take time off to attend school functions for their children.

The panel passed the bill Thursday and sent it to the full House for debate.

The measure (House Bill 1057) would limit the unpaid leave to 18 hours in any academic year. Leave would be limited to six hours a month and could be taken only in increments of three hours or less.

Business groups opposed the measure, saying many companies have already pared staffs to the bone. They said it would create additional hardship for other employees.

” The House approved House Joint Resolution 1009 taking a four-day weekend Feb. 26-March 1. Lawmakers say they could save the state $12,000 if they all agree not to take their per diem payments on the extra days off.

” The Senate voted 19-16 in favor of Senate Bill 108, which would raise fees on vehicle registration, truckers, and rental cars to pay for highway and bridge repairs. It would also allow tolls on existing roads. The bill now heads to the House for consideration.

” The House Education Committee approved a bill that bars institutions from offering incentives for enrollment or attendance at school. House Bill 1125 now goes to the full House for debate.

New bills:

” Implement a constitutional amendment approved by voters, Amendment 50, which gives voters in Central City, Black Hawk and Cripple Creek the power to decide whether to raise bet limits, add games and stay open all night. House Bill 1272 directs how revenues will be divided, with 78 percent for community colleges and gaming towns and counties getting 22 percent.

” Impose a 60-cent fee on registration of motor vehicles to supporting the state titling and registration system. It’s House Bill 1271.

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