Colorado psychic accused of scamming clients of ‘evil’ cash |

Colorado psychic accused of scamming clients of ‘evil’ cash

LAFAYETTE, Colo.- A suburban Denver psychic is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from clients by telling them “money is evil” and that she needed to know their credit card numbers to make sure there weren’t too many sixes.

Fifty-four-year-old Nancy Marks of Lafayette faces charges of theft and criminal impersonation. A customer of Marks’ company Psychic Reading told authorities Marks advertised low-cost palm reading.

Police say one client lost $50,000 after giving Marks his credit card numbers when she said that “anything with the number six in it is bad” and that she would “draw out the bad energy.” Instead, police say Marks made large purchases at department stores.

Marks was held, with bond set at $250,000. Her attorney says she has no criminal convictions.


Information from: Daily Camera,

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