Colorado rally protests government plans for health care |

Colorado rally protests government plans for health care

Associated Press Writer

DENVER, Colorado – Several hundred people, many of them carrying signs warning “Hands off my health care,” rallied at the Colorado state Capitol on Tuesday to protest what they call government-run health care.

Jeff Crank, state director for Americans for Prosperity, a public policy group backing free enterprise, told supporters the current health care system has problems, including lack of coverage, but he said a program run by the government would only make those problems worse.

“We’re building an army,” Crank told the cheering crowd on the Capitol steps.

Crank said people who have insurance should be allowed to keep it when they move to other jobs, health policies should cover pre-existing conditions and the number of lawsuits should be reduced.

Jon Caldara, president of the Independence Institute, a conservative think tank, said two of his children needed emergency surgery and he questioned whether proposed changes to health care now before Congress would have provided the same care.

“This is not about good fiscal policy or bad fiscal policy, this is about my children,” he said.

Dale Auer, who retired from the military and lives in Colorado Springs, said he got the treatment he needed when he was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. Auer said he was given an experimental treatment under his insurance policy, a treatment that he believes would have been barred under programs now being considered by Congress.

“The procedure I had was leading edge and risky,” he said.

Michael Huttner, spokesman for ProgressNow Colorado supporting Democratic Party agendas, said Tuesday’s protest was part of a national effort to discredit the Obama administration.

“These out-of-state interests are misrepresenting both themselves and the citizens of Colorado who desperately need health care reform,” Huttner said.

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