Colorado reported as having most Recovery Act jobs |

Colorado reported as having most Recovery Act jobs

Miles Moffeit and Burt Hubbard
The Denver Post

Colorado companies have created more jobs through federal contracts funded with stimulus dollars than companies in every other state, according to the first batch of Recovery Act data.

While the number – 4,695 jobs created or saved – may sound encouraging for Colorado, it also is misleading in terms of economic impact.

Details released Thursday by the federal government at show that most of the jobs were generated by a single outsourcing firm, Englewood-based TeleTech Government Solutions. But most were temporary jobs, and the vast majority were actually created outside the state.

The posting is the government’s first stab at tracking stimulus spending. Despite an unprecedented move to provide more transparency for tax dollars, much of the initial data is cloudy. At least for now.

A group of public-policy watchdogs praised the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board for the disclosure. But it also criticized the website’s structure as confusing and cumbersome.

“The average person just won’t be able to see the big picture and what the numbers mean,” said Craig Jennings, a policy analyst for The Coalition for an Accountable Recovery. “It’s clunky, and it’s really hard to go through the data in any sort of systematic way. The good news is that there’s still time to fix the website.”

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