Colorado Republican ruffles his party again |

Colorado Republican ruffles his party again

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – Newly appointed state Rep. Douglas Bruce is irking fellow Republicans again.

The El Paso County GOP on Thursday denounced a letter in which he criticized a candidate hoping to replace him on the county commission.

Bruce gave up his commission seat after being named to replace state Rep. Bill Cadman in the Legislature. Bruce drew attention there for kicking a newspaper photographer at the state House during the morning prayer Monday. Bruce has described the kick as a nudge.

In a letter to members of a committee that will vote Saturday on filling the vacant commission seat, Bruce accused candidate Amy Lathen of lying and flip-flopping.

“Do you want a two-faced commissioner who takes both sides of issues?” Bruce wrote. “Not me … Maybe she learned her ‘Both Ways Amy’ technique at the politician-training school she admits attending.”

Bruce could not be reached for comment Thursday evening.

In an article printed in August in the Colorado Springs Independent, Lathen was quoted as saying that if elected, she would vote in favor of putting a tax-increase measure on the ballot.

Bruce wrote that Lathen later said she would never vote in favor of a tax increase.

“He is distorting this issue completely and lying about what I said,” Lathen told The Gazette on Thursday.

Lathen said she would vote for a ballot issue since citizens can’t petition to put county issues on the ballot but that she would never vote for a tax increase itself.

“The statements in the letter personally and recklessly attacking Amy Lathen are not accurate and truthful,” the El Paso County Republican Party said. It said Bruce’s letter conflicts with its year-old ethical campaigning policy that calls for honesty, integrity and respect.

The other candidates for commissioner are Ken Bull and Michael Burton, both of whom declined county GOP officials’ request to sign letters denouncing Bruce’s letter.

“I don’t speak for Doug Bruce,” Bull told The Gazette. “I don’t have any idea what he had in mind in writing that letter.”

“I don’t have firsthand knowledge of either side of the issue,” Burton said. “It is just hearsay. I’m not going to touch that with a 10-foot pole.”

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