Colorado reviews water, fire outlook as snow falls behind |

Colorado reviews water, fire outlook as snow falls behind

DENVER — Colorado officials are updating the outlook for spring and summer water supplies as the mountain snowpack falls behind normal and wildfire danger increases.

The state Water Availability Task Force will discuss the prognosis Wednesday.

In the western Colorado mountains, the snowpack that feeds the Colorado River ranged from 40 to 62 percent of normal Tuesday. The river supplies water to about 40 million people in seven states, including California, which is in a severe drought.

East of the Continental Divide, the Colorado snowpack ranged from 41 to 81 percent of normal. That snow feeds three major east-flowing rivers, the Platte, Arkansas and Rio Grande.

Several small wildfires have hit Colorado this month and the risk of new fires starting has been high this week ahead of an approaching storm.

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